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City East Business Centre

Michael Hart
Ngaire A Jackson
Sean Henry Johnstone
Bronagh Lawson
Tonya McMullan
Paul Moore
Cathrin Schofield

Bronagh Lawson is currently Artist-in-Residence at the City East Business Centre. She selected the artists for the ON THE EDGE exhibition because she admired their creative spirit and artistic output often in the face of adversity, in a difficult economic and artistic environment. Between them they have an impressive list of experience from exhibitions, commissions, community festivals, public sculpture, photography assignments, artist talks and workshops. 

The artists would like to thank the board of the City East Business Centre (www.eastbelfast.org) for their vision of having their very first artist-in-residence.

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The Artists
M Hart
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Michael Hart is a multi-disciplinary artist, working within printmaking, painting, photography and installation art. Since graduating from the University of Ulster in 2001, he has based himself at the Belfast Print Workshop and the Creative Exchange studios. Michael's artistic practice extends his investigation of what exists, through his experiments in print and paint, into the visualisation of the movement of gravity between the horizontal and vertical axes.

N A Jackson
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Ngaire received her Fine Art BA (first class hons) and MA at the University of Ulster. This summer, an extraordinary event took place as part of Antony Gormley's Fourth Plinth Project. Every hour, 24 hours a day, for 100 days without a break, a different person occupied one of the four plinths on Trafalgar Square, London: 2,400 participants from the UK created an astonishing living portrait of the country in 2009. The event was seen all round the world via a 24-hour relay on the event website; and Ngaire was one of the lucky 2,400 who had a chance to spend 1 hour on the plinth. She says, "I stood on the plinth, drew around my feet and took a rubbing of 13' 8" by 4' 11" of the top of the plinth. The spaces created on the rubbing by the outline of my feet provide the viewer with the necessary visual and mental space required to place themselves on the Plinth; to put themselves in the spotlight." Through visually and or mentally placing ourselves on the Plinth, our bodies become a metaphor, a symbol. This 'elevation' of ourselves to a position formerly occupied by monumental art allow us to reflect on our own differences, vulnerability and individuality, in contemporary society. The exhibition space in City East with floor-to-ceiling framed views of the streets of Belfast (right on the Peace Line) can be seen to provide a living portrait of Belfast in 2009.  

S H Johnstone
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Sean Johnstone is living proof that travel does indeed broaden your horizons. Originally from Maghera, he set off on a world tour and returned to the province with new eyes. He received his art education from the school of life and is currently a member of the Belfast Print Workshop. Sean's work is in many local private collections and he is preparing for an exhibition in 2010 in Melbourne, called 'Absinth in Helsinki' with New Zealand artist Samara Joy Owens.  

B Lawson
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Bronagh is the artist-in-residence at City East. She completed a foundation in Art and Design in Bristol and achieved a first class degree in Textiles and Fashion at Winchester College of Art and as a recipient of the Calvin Klein, Harvey Nichols, Fulbright award, she spent time at Parson's School of Art, New York City in the late 80's. As Chair of the Belfast Print Workshop last year, Bronagh was involved in a series of events. One was a trip to China and she will show a body of work inspired by this Chinese trip and the related experience.  

T McMullin
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T McMullin's work
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Tonya McMullan's ON THE EDGE video on YouTube
Recently returned to Northern Ireland, Tonya completed her foundation in Art and Design at UWE Bristol and studied Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art. Tonya participated in a one month residency at Can Serrat near Barcelona this year and is moving into a studio space with Ad Hoc in Belfast. She has made new work for the exhibition based on her research into the City East building, its surroundings and from time spent working alongside Lucy Barfoot, the Front House Manager.  

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P Moore's work
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Paul Moore's ON THE EDGE video on YouTube
'The King of Belfast's Underbelly' Paul started his art education at BIFHE then completed his foundation at Armagh Technical College, next it was Wales were he did a BA in Multimedia and a Postgraduate Certificate in Fine Art at Newport University. Paul is attracted to the 'transient' presence of people and spaces. For the last two years he has been capturing Belfast as it has been transforming into a vibrant city.  With a disdain of the 'posed' shot, Paul captures the essence of Belfast's unawares enjoying themselves  

C Schofield
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C Schofield's work
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Cathrin Schofields 's ON THE EDGE video on YouTube
Cathrin had an extensive career as an art teacher before changing her visual environment by completing an MA at University of Ulster which included a term at The National Academy of Art in HangZhou, China. The experience has given her a love of all things Chinese. She says: "When I first went to China, I knew virtually nothing of the country the people and their culture, Westerners were unusual in many places and I knew no Chinese It was a challenge and a tremendous culture shock." Later she had the opportunity to travel extensively around the country and the effect on her work was immediate. Cathrin has since gone back to China five times and is a strong advocate in encouraging other artists to explore the rich and varied culture. She is currently planning her next trip.