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Engine Room Gallery
Summer Show

The Ebb and Flow of East Belfast
Thursday 8 July 2010 – Saturday 31 July 2010

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As the artist-in-residence in a building on the peace line at the junction of the Newtownards Road and the Short Strand, artist Bronagh Lawson has interpreted the many changes happening in this notorious cross-community area in the form of broadsheet inspired prints, called “The Ebb and Flow of East Belfast”. One of these will be shown in the Engine Room Gallery summer exhibition this month.

Bronagh went to the newsagents on both sides of the peace line once every three months over the past year and purchased all the newspapers that inform the two local communities. Random text and images were torn from the newspapers: headlines, local grievances, some extreme, some personal. These fragments, echoing the historical broadsheet, were then intuitively used as Chine Collé on an etching plate, as a limited varied edition of ten.

The term ‘Broadsheet’ derives from types of popular prints hundred years ago, usually just of a single sheet, sold on the streets and containing various types of material, from ballads to political satire. First published in 1618, they would talk about the life and energy of a specific place.

‘Chine Collé’, translated as Chinese collage, is a technique the Chinese invented for bringing areas of colour into a print. The printmaker collages while printing, using a special rice paste to keep the fragments in place.

Bronagh says about her new artwork: “Nothing exists independent of its own surroundings, including language. Newspapers in Northern Ireland inform the population of events, feeding stereotypes and slanting news to different political persuasions. The chosen texts totally change the feel of each varied edition, just like one’s view of the world is rightly or wrongly changed or confirmed depending on what newspaper one reads.”


I love Strangford

Engine Room Gallery
310 Newtownards Rd,
Northern Ireland

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Thursday 8 July 2010 at 19:00

Thursday 8 July 2010 – Saturday 31 July 2010

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Wild Strawberry Gallery
I Love Strangford
Saturday 3 April 2010 - Saturday 1 May 2010

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The solo exhibition showcases paintings and prints that reflect the talent of artist Bronagh Lawson, raised in Strangford who has been inspired by the unique beauty of the lough all her life. She feels that the location of the exhibition is paramount to the underlying message of her work:

“We are all products of our environment; luckily for me my family have deep connections with Portaferry and Strangford; the beauty of the Lough and the freshness of the air all contributed to my early socialisation. When working in very deprived areas of Belfast, I often pondered on how your environment affects your outlook, what the effect of the hidden and more obvious structures around us like the media we consume have on us; this exhibition brings together some works produced while discovering a visual language to express these inner observations.”

Bronagh’s work is situated in the long tradition of landscape painting, yet she pushes it into our own times and beyond. Not totally realistic, not totally abstract, she produces an emotional reading of the energy of the landscape, an internal rendering of the outside world. Each stroke mark is a sign directed straight from the inner workings of the artist mind, a primal interweaving of nature and nurture.


I love Strangford

Wild Strawberry Gallery
Strawberry Fair
1 Kildare Street
Co. Down
Northern Ireland
BT30 7LJ

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Saturday 3 April 2010 from 11:00 to 17:00

Sunday 4 April 2010 – Saturday 10 April 2010
Open every day from 11:00 to 17:00

Thursday 15 April 2010 – Saturday 1 May 2010
Open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
From 11:00 to 17:00

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City East Business Centre
Thursday 17 September 2009 - Saturday 31 October 2009

Bronagh Lawson is currently Artist-in-Residence at the City East Business Centre where she is working on a new body of work; some selected pieces will start the City East Art Collection.

During her residency she will work on a number of projects, the first of which is ON THE EDGE. Bronagh was attracted to the residency opportunity because it links together her artist practice and 13 years of consultancy experience working on social development projects mainly in interface areas.

Bronagh selected the artists for the ON THE EDGE exhibition because she admired their creative spirit and artistic output often in the face of adversity, in a difficult economic and artistic environment. Between them they have an impressive list of experience from exhibitions, commissions, community festivals, public sculpture, photography assignments, artist talks and workshops.


Belfast Grand Opera House
Passion, Love & Revolution
With Kult Pulp Productions
Wednesday 1 April 2009 - Saturday 2 May 2009

Local internationally-known artist Liam B de Frinse curated Kult Pulp Production’s inaugural group show entitled Passion, Love & Revolution. Kult Pulp Production consisted of professional artists from the emerging to the more established. They came from different specialties within the art profession, such as textile design, graffiti, photography, sculpture, sound, printing and paint. They have a self-help philosophy and were guided by the notion of demystifying art by making it more accessible, beautiful, affordable, exciting, fun, different, and above all radical.


Clotworthy Arts Centre
Bronagh's One-woman Show
5 November 2008 — 23 December 2008

Flowing Waters, Hidden Dragon opened at Clotworthy Arts Centre on Wednesday 5 November 2008. The exhibition was well attended, and was met with keen interest in Bronagh's work. You can watch a report about the opening night preview by clicking the start button on the video screen on the right. A good time was had by all.

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Flowing Waters and Hidden Dragon prints. Priced as a pair at £500. To order, please send a request to

Family Day at Clotworthy Arts Centre

Bronagh was in attendance at the exhibition at Clotworthy Arts Centre on Saturday 15 November 2008, and gave tours of the exhibition.

Bronagh had organised a free children’s drop-in art session, which was run by Red Apple Arts. It proved very popular with both adults and children.

Artist's Talk at Clotworthy Arts Centre

Bronagh gave an artist's talk at the exhibition at Clotworthy Arts Centre on the evening of Tuesday 18 November 2008. It was extremely well attended. Thank you to all that took the trouble to come.

Video report on the exhibition launch 5 November 2008
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